Ogilvy & Mather China Helps KFC to Build VR Gallery

Ogilvy K1ND recently helped KFC launch its very firstWeChat-based Virtual Reality Charity Gallery in a campaign aimed at raising awareness about autism.

Featuring KFC ambassador Chris Lee, the cutting-edge VR gallery was built using StoryBuilder, a proprietary tool developed by Ogilvy K1ND that brings together the power of social and virtual reality.

kfcvrforgallery2With the help of VR glasses or 360◦ panoramic video, the WeChat-embedded H5 immerses visitors within a virtual reality world featuring an exhibition by Bi Changyu, a gifted young artist suffering from autism, as well as works of art from World of Art Brut Culture(WABC), an NGO dedicated to using the power of art to transform the lives of people suffering from mental disabilities.

Visitors can use the platform to donate directly to help fight autism as well as also inviting their friends to enjoy the experience. The H5’s Friends Hall of Fame meanwhile provides a compelling social element, providing users with a virtual reality view of all of their friends who have visited.

kfcvrforgallery1“The K1ND VR tool, StoryBuilder, allows brands to produce highly shareable VR experiences quickly and at relatively low cost. This makes branded contents more immersive and more interactive and, in turn, far more resonant with consumers,” said Sascha Engel, China Director of K1ND.

“K1ND’s Storybuilder helped bring the KFC Virtual Charity Gallery to life, making it easy for visitors to experience and participate. The Gallery provides a perfect indication of the future of VR marketing, a future which will see marketers incorporate great story telling along with social data from users and their friends in order to produce highly-personalised, emotionally resonant VR experiences.”

To get the full experience of KFC Virtual Charity Gallery, please scan the QR code below with WeChat:





Source: Little Black Book

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