New report from Neuro-Insight highlights under-used potential of sound in creative communications

Neuro-Insight, a neuroscience-based research company, is launching a new report, entitled: ‘Tuning into sound: the under-used creative resource’.  The report outlines the unique power of audio communication and identifies it as a resource that’s underused by most brands and advertisers, setting out creative and media strategies that can harness sound to optimise communication effectiveness.

The report draws on many years of neuroscience expertise, combined with brand new research, to demonstrate and advise on the powerful and often subconscious impact of sound in an ever-changing media landscape.

With audio media including voice assistants, podcasts, audiobooks, music streaming and even voice notes gaining increasing prominence, the report explores the potential for change in the balance between audio and visual media – weakening the dominance of what we see over what we hear. The report covers some of the ways in which sound can act as a fundamental asset in a piece of communication and details new thinking about how to use sound in media planning and creative execution.

Heather Andrew, CEO of Neuro-Insight UK: “Despite shifting trends, many brands continue to heavily prioritise visual communication and are failing to truly leverage the potential of sound. All brands can benefit from sound; marketers and agencies who tend to overlook it as a creative tool are missing out on a crucial dimension of branding. The report is our response to that challenge, and will help marketers leverage sound when building brand identity, developing creative executions and delivering media impact.”

The full report can be found here.

Source: Neuro-Insight

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