New Amojee app enables users to text in their own emoji language!

Amojee LogoApp features 20,000+ new and unique emoji, & seamless integration within iOS 10

A new app for designing and texting with emoji, called Amojee, has just launched in the United States for iPhone and Android. The app features dozens of new and funny emoji of celebrities, flirting, and other inspired characters. The new app will be available with the release of iOS 10. iPhone users will easily be able to find it in the new iMessage App Store. Integration with the new iMessage will make it easier for users to access Amojee, enabling drag and drop of unique emoji into their iMessage text messages instantly.

Amojee has also democratized the creation of new emojis. Emoji-lovers NO longer have to wait years for a small group of individuals to decide on what new emoji can be released. Now everyone can create emojis within the App to express themselves and their culture in “real time”.

Users can also create emoji out of selfies, and personalize photos by adding cartoon eyes, hats, ears, and more before adding them to Amojee’s library for other users of the app to access. All new emoji are tagged with keywords by the users who create them. As a user types a text in the Amojee app, each word displays your newly created and related emojis to choose from, with the most popular options appearing first. This allows users to truly text in their own “emoji language”. Entire messages can now be created using just emoji!

The app already includes 20,000+ emojis, and users are adding 1,000 new ones every day.

Amojee users can check out the top emojis (across all categories) on Amojee’s “Trending” page within the app. Any emoji created by users can appear there if it becomes popular among most users. “Trending” emojis are updated in real time by the number of likes it has and how often its used. Amojee’s “Featured” page displays the top emoji selected by the Company, featuring celebrities, music, sports, politics, and other topics of interest. All new emojis are screened to ensure they are appropriate for ages 12 and up.

Amojee, Inc. was founded by entrepreneurs who have launched and sold two successful companies. Amojee can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Source: Amojee, Inc.

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