Mobiquity Technologies wins contract with the largest regional ad network in LATAM

Mobiquity Technologies, a leading provider of  next generation, mobile first, programmatic advertising capabilities is partnering with Adsmovil – a company that operates the largest mobile ad network in all of Latin America. The partnership will create a uniquely customised location and programmatic marketing technology platform for Latin American markets.

“Latin America is the first stage of our product expansion strategy,” said Mobiquity Technologies CEO Dean Julia. “We anticipate considerable revenue growth will come from the marriage of our location, data and programmatic products that are uniquely positioned for International media markets.  We are excited that such a dominant player in the Latin American markets like Admovil would partner with our team at Mobiquity.”

Alberto Pardo, CEO of Adsmovil also commented on the new partnership, “The industry overly relies on programmatic technologies designed for US markets that do not understand the nuances of the Latin American media buying environments. To offer a platform totally customised for Latin American markets makes a lot of sense.”

The new programmatic platform includes location mapping of custom retail venues and points of interest (POI’s) for Latin America. Mobiquity maintains the largest POI database available to marketers, with over 5.5 million physical retail and civic locations mapped as individual polygons in the United States. The Adsmovil partnership significantly expands this polygon database to include Latin American markets.

“Latin America is rapidly becoming a mobile first region, making location data services an important part of any brand strategy,” continued Mr. Pardo. “There exists an unserved market for location technologies, and we see important signs that the market is awaking and demanding services such as foot traffic, POI customisation, polygon mapping and so on.”

In addition, the Mobiquity Technologies platform will include Portuguese and Spanish user interfaces. Adsmovil will operate the Mobiquity Technologies platform from their offices in Brazil, Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Chile and Peru.

A recent report by eMarketer highlights Latin America as home to three of the world’s most dominant digital advertising markets. In 2019, there are projected year-over-year increases in spend of 15% for Mexico and 13% for both Brazil and Argentina. 

Brazil will be the second-fastest-growing programmatic digital ad market in annual terms in 2019, becoming only the seventh programmatic market to reach a billion-dollar valuation next year, with a 45% increase year over year. And Mexico is also expected to reach $5.15 billion in ad spend in 2019, with mobile accounting for 26.5% of the spend.

Source: Mobiquity Technologies

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