MobFox expands Asia Pacific footprint with localised services

Mobile advertising company MobFox has expanded its Asia Pacific services in a bid to provide greater localisation for mobile publishers and developers.

MobFox, which is owned by global media company Matomy, has launched technology in market, including an endpoint server, and tripled the number of demand sources within the APAC region.

The move enables MobFox’s platform to connect directly to APAC-based demand-side platforms (DSPs) and will provide a faster experience for publishers and advertisers across the region. It also provides local developers with a stronger localised service.

In 2016, MobFox opened offices in Beijing and Seoul as the company looks to grow its presence in the region and take advantage of growing mobile ad spends.

Kumaran Sambandam, VP of MobFox Exchange, said: “Nearly a quarter of the APAC region’s total media spend was devoted to mobile advertising by year end 2016, higher than any other region in the world. Furthermore, by 2019 programmatic penetration is set to hit 35 percent in that region. In response to this, we are expanding our infrastructure in APAC so that local developers can benefit from all ad formats available on our SSP including display, native and video.”

The Asia-Pacific expansion is the latest move in the company’s long-term strategy to build a global supply-side platform (SSP).

Ofer Druker, CEO of Matomy, said: “Matomy is a mobile-first media company, and Asia is a mobile-first region. The new MobFox endpoint in Asia was the next natural step following our strategic expansion into the region, and will empower local mobile developers with both global and local distribution and monetisation of their apps.”

MobFox was acquired by Matomy Media Group in 2014 in a $17.6m deal.

Source: The Drum

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