Limitless launches LimitlessLiveMessenger

Limitless, the UK-based inventor and provider of a SaaS platform offering crowd sourced customer service, is announcing its latest product – LimitlessLiveMessenger.

LimitlessLiveMessenger is an asynchronous messaging product that can be easily deployed on any website and provides businesses with direct access to Limitless’ on-demand Crowd Service platform. The new product allows customers to route their queries to Crowd Service Ambassadors – loyal customers or employees who provide customer support and helpful responses within a matter of minutes. Conversations resolved by the crowd are between 50-75% cheaper than typical customer service costs.

Limitless’ blended AI solution uses machine learning to help businesses achieve their contact diversion targets. The AI suggested responses are based on historic conversations which include sophisticated quality checks that constantly adapt to enhance performance. A live feedback loop aggregates reputation scores and peer to peer reviews which are all fed back into the machine learning algorithm to continuously improve and maintain the accuracy of the AI answers and the crowd’s performance. Where a human is more suited to the engagement, customer questions are routed to the on-demand Crowd Service Ambassadors.

LimitlessLiveMessenger can be easily deployed onto any website creating an instant way to deflect customer enquiries to trained Ambassadors. It integrates with all major customer relationship management systems (CRM), including Salesforce, Zendesk, Genesys, HelpShift and Oracle Service Cloud, so all customer interactions are returned to the CRM, ensuring a full contact history and single view of the customer is maintained.

“LimitlessLiveMessenger allows brands to deploy a simple but effective digital channel; a seamless and cost-effective way to blend AI and human interactions to provide world-class customer service. Our existing clients have already seen a dramatic increase in customer satisfaction with queries being answered in less than five minutes and customer satisfaction above 90%,” said Roger Beadle, co-founder and CEO of Limitless.

“With the rise in demand for asynchronous messaging, we realise there is a hunger among companies for greater agility and flexibility to manage contact volumes, 24/7. But we also understand that this creates huge resourcing challenges. LimitlessLiveMessenger provides a plug-and-play solution, which brands can deploy within hours to unlock resources and attract new pools of skilled talent within their own customer base. We are excited to provide our clients with the unique opportunity to create an on-demand support team which better reflects their customer base and reward their own customers at the same time.”

Nigel Watson, CIO at Northumbrian Water, one of first businesses to adopt the solution comments, “Being a customer-focused business is of utmost priority to us and is one of our key corporate values. Leveraging our loyal customer base using Limitless Live Messenger is a great step towards maintaining our core focus on customer centricity.”

Household brands such as the Daily Mail Group and Northumbrian Water have implemented LimitlessLiveMessenger on their websites, while several more including National Express will soon have this new feature deployed as a key contact channel on their websites.

With LimitlessLiveMessenger, Limitless will continue to raise the bar for customer support, using asynchronous messaging to ensure customer interactions are seamless from the customer’s point of view, making for highly meaningful and rich conversations.

Source: Limitless

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