Juan Valdez Mobile Campaign by Adsmovil for Colombia


The objective of this mobile campaign was to generate a different user experience in which Juan Valdez’s customer could interact with the products during different times through the day. Regardless of the time or weather and could still find adequate product offerings in Juan Valdez stores, trying to become the best alternative for the clients.

The target audience was adults:  women and men 25 years of age or older, who were near to Juan Valdez coffee shops.

Due to a continuous growth in coffee consumption in Colombia and to toughen an innovative offer in the beverages and coffee products category in the recent years, Adsmovil developed a rich campaign media for Juan Valdez as an opportunity to strengthen and promote consumer habits in Colombia and to offer them a bonding and interactive experience that also allows the brand to boost sales, increase the store visits and surprise users with a creative campaign through mobile devices .

For the very first time Adsmovil  used the Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for the brand, whose goal is to use technology to allow the creative pieces of the campaign to be delivered to people according to their location. moment and time during the day.

They also used the same creative concept with different messages, which allowed delivery of customised pieces based on the weather of the day and location. It was a perfect opportunity to innovate and gave the correct message according to the Brand objectives.


Considering that mobile devices are the only enablers that allow users to watch in real time different types of ad units, Adsmovil wanted to take this and engage users through their mobile phones to the weather and time factors. Thus, with the weather change we could offer hot or cold beverages, and with the time, we could offer different types of food products that adjust to each time of the day,

Adsmovil created two interactive mobile ad units that allowed us to connect 2 important factors between our customers and the brand : Weather and Day Time.

Through a dynamic optimization technology , and depending on the time of day, customers could find several options of products to consume. Also, depending on climate and location in Bogota where they were, they could receive according options to the temperature of the place.

For Example , if in any specific area of the city it was raining , they receive hot products options to choose, and if at the same time in another area of the city the temperature was hot , the options would be cold products to choose of , in addition to this, driving directions to the nearest store were given too.

It was possible only with mobile capabilities.

The Project


The brand had done nothing in mobile before in Colombia. The brand had always worked on offline campaigns, social media and on their website. The brand had never planned any innovation in mobile.

We managed to get more than 900,000 impressions during the time of issue of the campaign.
– According to the reports, we achieve more than 5% of engagement between users and the brand.
– We managed to get more than 6,000 clicks on our banner , with costumers who remained more than 5 seconds interacting with it.
– During the runtime of our campaign we managed to increase the number of visits to Juan Valdez Stores , which enabled the brand to identify a larger number of sale and consumption of the offered products on the banner , taking count on time and climate factors.

We managed to achieve our goals. We engaged users during different times of the day regardless hot or cold weather. We absolutely consider that mobile devices are very import to reach the audience because through them we can manage to increase the store visits.

Source: Adsmovil

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