IX Reach now offers remote peering for Equinix Internet Exchange in London and Paris

IX Reach, the leading global provider of remote peering services and connectivity solutions, has announced its selection by Equinix, the global interconnection and data centre company, as its exclusive beta partner for Reseller Ports on Equinix Internet Exchange (IX).

Building upon its existing partnership with Equinix to offer global connectivity between its industry-leading data centres, this new partnership has enhanced their collaboration, and reinforced IX Reach’s reputation as the leading global  provider of remote peering services.

Through this partnership, networks will be able to access a remote peering solution at Equinix’s London and Paris Internet Exchanges from any one of IX Reach’s 240+ points of presence (PoPs) without needing to invest in their own equipment or be present in the Equinix facilities. 

“We are thrilled that IX Reach has been chosen as the exclusive beta partner for Reseller Ports on Equinix IX,” said Rebecca Lewis, Head of Partnerships EMEA at IX Reach. “We have worked closely with Equinix since 2007 and we’re pleased to be able to now offer alternative peering options in these two key European cities.”

Remote Peering at Equinix Internet Exchanges in London and Paris will enable networks to access unique ASNs not present at any other mainstream IXP and hand off traffic much closer to eyeballs, whilst improving the quality of the connection through a diverse network.

This new remote peering service will also offer a cost-effective element to the solution; networks will save money on transit costs as the blend will complement the dominant relationships of transit and peering.

Connecting via a single port in any one of IX Reach’s 240+ PoPs now enables customers unlimited and direct access to Equinix IX, as well as access to all of IX Reach’s other Internet Exchange partners, SDN Cloud Connect partners, and transport connectivity services.

Source: IX Reach

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