Google opens up chatbot platform to the public

Google has released its new chatbot analytics platform Chatbase to the public after introducing it at Google I/O in 2017.

The project was developed within the company’s R&D incubator, Area 120 and a number of high-profile early adopters such as HBO, Ticketmaster, Viber and others all thoroughly tested the platform before its public release.

Google’s Chatbase cloud service aims to offer tools to help businesses easily analyse and optimise chatbots to make them more useful to consumers. Bot builders are able to see what is effective and then tailor the accuracy of their bots around this data to make them more effective which improves their overall user experience.

Chatbase’s data can be viewed easily through an analytics dashboard that allows users to track specific metrics such as active users, sessions and user retention to get an overall look at the health of their bots.

A bot’s metrics can even be seen across platforms to highlight which ones may require additional optimisations to be successful.

According to Google, Chatbase is currently able to integrate with most available voice and text messaging platforms and so far Facebook, WhatsApp, Alexa, Cortana, Skype, Twitter, WeChat and a number of others are supported.

While large businesses have begun to take advantage of chatbots, the company’s new service is completely free and any user can take advantage of it no matter how many bots they wish to build or deploy.

Being as it was developed by Google’s Area 120, Chatbase is more of an experimental project but depending on its success it could some day become a full fledged Google Product.

Source: ITProPortal

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