Google Analytics can now track individual user behaviour on apps

360anGoogle has added a new user-centric analysis capability within its analytics software, letting web page owners analyse the actions that an anonymous individual has taken on their site or app.

These insights can help improve the user experience when people interact with your business online.

The main User Explorer page shows a list of client IDs collected from visitors’ devices and browsers, along with basic data including session count, average duration, bounce rate, revenue, transactions and goal conversion rate.

Meanwhile, the individual report for client IDs shows the user’s activity history and time-stamps each site interaction.

This client ID view can be filtered by PageView, Goal, E-Commerce or Event, and individual entries can be clicked for additional data.

In one example given by Google, Panasonic was able to aggregate all digital campaign data into one platform to gain insight about their customers.

They then shared these insights back to their media tools to better find engaged audiences and provide those audiences with the right experience at the right moment, driving an ROI increase of 30%.

Source: Net Imperative

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