Female customers 60% more likely to view mobile content before they buy a car

The automotive industry would benefit by strengthening relationships with its influential female customers through the content it shares on mobiles, according to research by CitNOW.

Analysis of 2,000 consumers found that women were over 60% more likely than men to watch video content on their mobile phones.

And, while research suggests that nearly half (43%) of women don’t trust the automotive industry, they influence 85% of car-buying decisions.

Moreover, CitNOW’s study shows that women are driving demand of mobile video in the marketplace, with nearly half of female car buyers planning to consider the use of personalised video.

Nearly three quarters of female car buyers would be more comfortable in their commitment to a sale if video were used, meaning that mobile video could not only help dealerships engage more with female buyers, but make the buying process more effective for them.

Alistair Horsburgh, CEO at CitNOW UK commented: “It’s clear that there is room for improvement of how comfortable women feel in the car-buying process and an understanding of how they shop is crucial to addressing this.

“Ask any retailer and they’ll agree that effective communication and trust are two of the most important elements of the car-buying process and our latest research proves that mobile video can be a major factor in establishing both.”

The study formed a part of CitNOW’s latest insights on the state of video in the automotive industry in the CitNOW Vision Report 2017.

Source: CitNOW

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