Facebook invites Danes to huddle round its Bonfire group video chat app

Facebook has begun trials of an intriguing new group video chat app in Denmark which the social network has christened as ‘Bonfire’ and enables people to ‘instantly start video chatting with friends’.

The low-key iOS app was quietly dropped onto the iTunes store and is solely accessible to residents of the Northern European nation with the promise of video chatting with up to eight friends simultaneously. It also allows users to “play with effects and take pictures of your video chats”.

The app’s listing explained: “Bonfire is a group video chat app that lets you hang out with your best friends and meet new ones. When you open the app, instantly start video chatting with friends. Use effects to express yourself and take pictures of your video chats to share on Instagram, Facebook, Messenger and more. From doing homework to catching up, Bonfire is the best place to get together with all your friends.”

Facebook has confirmed it is running a “very small test” of the new app but is refusing to divulge further details at this stage, although the push would fit with the company’s focus on video content, including the launch of its own dedicated video service.

Source: The Drum

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