Esurance to Mobile Gamers: Don’t Catch and Drive

Esurance has launched a new campaign, “Don’t Catch and Drive,” to promote safe driving. The home and auto insurance company speaks out to remind drivers of the dangers of playing mobile games while behind the wheel.

New mobile games with augmented reality have taken the world by storm. As an insurance company, Esurance frequently sees the outcome of distracted driving. So they created an engaging, relatable video in the spirit of mobile gaming that offers a friendly reminder to keep your eyes on the road.

“Esurance is a brand that embraces modern technology. Like so many others, we love the latest games and augmented reality experiences,” said Alan Gellman, chief marketing officer at Esurance. “Now more than ever, it’s important to remind people that their safety – and the safety of those around them – has to come first. Our ‘Don’t Catch and Drive’ safe driving message encourages people to be smart while playing games and not catch creatures when they’re driving.”

NMR Crash ImageThe new online video created by Leo Burnett Chicago features animated creatures alongside examples of the real damage they could cause to a car, such as a dented door from a Dingduck or a fender bender from a mysterious Fenderbendix. The video captures the brand’s smart driving message concluding with “Smart people don’t catch and drive. Smart people get Esurance.”

As augmented reality gaming gains in popularity, among other smartphone uses, the risk of injury has risen as well. According to the US Department of Transportation, 431,000 people were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers in 2014. That’s nearly one injury every minute of every day due to distracted driving. And a shocking 25 percent of accidents involve smartphones according to the National Safety Council.

Scratcherscrat_v02In addition to the online video, Esurance will crash Pioneer Court on Chicago’s famed Magnificent Mile on Michigan Ave onAugust 31 with a staged accident scene featuring the Esurance creatures. Passersby will witness the jarring scene, but as they get closer learn that the crash is staged with a powerful message, #DontCatchandDrive.

The online video launches in conjunction with the staged crash scene in Chicago.

To encourage and reward safe driving, Esurance created DriveSense, a mobile application using smart telematics technology that could help users improve their driving through education on their driving habits. Esurance also offers a variety of discounts for safe drivers including the Claim-Free and Defensive Driver discounts.

Source: Esurance

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