Coca-Cola, Google & Publicis Launch a Video Search Engine to Make Israeli Youngsters’ Life Decisions Easier

Coca-Cola has always championed young people, and while being young is mostly perceived as being carefree – reality couldn’t be further away from the truth.

The average person makes over 30,000 choices a day and when you’re young making life defining choices can be terrifying… and with thousands of results an online search delivers, it’s easy to get drowned in too much information. No one realised that better than the beverage giant who’d just expanded its product range in Israel, giving consumers more choices than ever before.

So Coca-Cola decided to help youngsters figure out what’s the right choice for them – not just beverage wise but life wise. Partnering with Google, Glickman Shamir Samsonov Publicis identified the top online searches made by Israeli youngsters regarding work, studies, travel, and other meaningful life decisions.

Searches like where to travel to after the army – South America or Asia, whether to travel alone or with a friend, whether to choose a subsidised student job or a regular job and many more. 

After mapping out youngsters’ top searches, Glickman Shamir Samsonov applied our data findings and created over 40 individual pieces of video content, indexed them and optimised them so that the content would pop up organically on google search.

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But the agency didn’t stop there; predicting what the next step in their search would be, they engineered the content so that every quest and every video viewed generated an option for youngsters to go down the rabbit whole and explore their question even further by viewing another video that informed their choice and answered their question even better.

So when the first video played-out, Glickman Shamir Samsonov immediately offered youngsters the possibility to search deeper and view another piece of content – de facto creating tends of thousands of completely native, hyper relevant journeys – tailored specifically to every individual.

Israeli youngsters loved the experience which generated over 2M views, got listed on YouTube’s ‘Best Campaign of the Month’ ranking and achieved completion rates of 76% and a relevance score that grew the more videos were viewed. 

Working together with Coca-Cola and Google Google, Glickman Shamir Samsonov Publicis effectively created the first video search engine to make Israeli youngsters’ life decisions easier.

Source: Glickman Shamir Samsonov Publicis

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