Burger King’s Algorithm Lowers Prices as Summer Heat Rises in Kuwait

Burger King has launched a first-of-its-kind campaign in Kuwait, running between July 24 and August 3, 2019. Taking into account Kuwait’s scorching heat, Burger King has introduced the ‘Hotter is Cooler’ campaign that ensures reduction in prices of its popular cold in real-time as the temperature soars.

This is made possible through a dynamic algorithm that mapped the prices of Burger King’s cold items to real-time temperature data taken from a Weather API. The algorithm is developed by Burger King Kuwait in partnership with Memac Ogilvy.

The algorithm takes real-time temperature data from the weather API of Open Weather Map and creates an inverse relationship with multiple price points for Burger King’s cold items. The temperature to price mapping takes into account the range of temperatures for a particular day and adjusts the prices to the hottest possible temperatures for that day.

The latest campaign builds on the Burger King’s creative wave of transforming Kuwait’s hot summers into memorable experiences. Thus far, as a result of the ‘Hotter is Cooler’ campaign, Burger King has seen high single digit percentage increase in footfall, especially in high-traffic generating areas and a good increase of sales in its dessert items.

Source: Images Retail ME

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