BBDO Argentina Uses Chatbots to Give Modern Art a Voice

‘Dialogue with the artwork’ is the recent initiative from the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires to get people closer to art through technology.

As a result of a team effort of developers, members of the MAMBA and BBDO Argentina, the chatbot was developed to give the art pieces a voice and a personality, with the objective of making the interaction between the art and the visitors of the museum easier. The chosen work was “Bio Cosmos” by Emilio Renart.

“Although chatbots are mainly used for client services and automated assistance, in this case we tried to explore an emotional side of the tool. It generates a closer experience than the one we have when we use an audio guide. It reflects the dialogue that usually takes place intellectually when the visitors try to get something out from the interior of the art piece itself,” says Ramiro Rodriguez Cohen, CCO at BBDO Argentina. “For the development of the bot, we took into account details regarding the history of the art piece, trying to give it a personality in coherence with its place in Argentine art history, its creator and the avant-garde he belonged to, among other things.”


Client: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Agency: BBDO Argentina
Chief Creative Officer: Ramiro Rodríguez Cohen
Creative Director: Joaquín Campins & Christian Rosli
Art Director: Bruno Barbosa
Head of Digital Production: Juan Korman
Account Management: Micaela Suaya & Zoe Blaksley
Head of Production: Veronica Zeta
Director of Technology: Rodrigo Lema

Source: Little Black Book

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