Airbnb and Resy Team Up to Offer In-App Restaurant Reservations

A great meal shared with friends, old or new, can make a trip special. That’s why, starting September 22, you can book a table at nearly 650 restaurants across the United States directly through Airbnb, powered by Resy.

The ability to book reservations at a curated selection of restaurants is part of our ongoing commitment to focus on the entire trip, not just homes, and follows the launch of Experiences in 2016. Travellers can now find a table at celebrated restaurants like Petit Crenn in San Francisco, Kismet in Los Angeles, Bateau in Seattle, or Thip Khao in Washington, D.C. without leaving the Airbnb app.

“We feel we’ve solved a problem no other travel company has yet. Two-thirds of American travellers make restaurant reservations when they’re away from home, according to a Harris Poll consumer survey. But finding the right place to eat in an unfamiliar city can be a frustrating experience: Although most of these travellers say they’d prefer to make their reservations online, a phone call to the restaurant is still the most common way travellers book a table. Over the last 12 months, more than 50 percent of Airbnb bookings were for international trips, and while traveling internationally, guests might not be familiar with local reservation sites or able to translate online systems into their own languages,” said Airbnb on their website.

With the Resy partnership, Airbnb have made it easy for people to find inspiring places to dine out in the US. Through a dedicated restaurants tab on their website and in the Airbnb app, guests can search by cuisine, time of day (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner), or use a map view to find a restaurant in the neighbourhood where they’re staying.

“We’re working on translations within the Airbnb app so cross-language travellers won’t have to worry about navigating a foreign booking site. People can then book a table directly through Airbnb. Restaurants on Airbnb, powered by Resy, are curated and selected by Resy for their consistently high quality. They include local favourites, award winners and international destinations,” revealed Airbnb.

Over the last year, Airbnb guests spent over $6.5 billion at restaurants in 44 markets around the world during their trips, our restaurant spending report found. With over 1.6 million registered users and 25 million diners seated to date, Resy is the perfect partner to help Airbnb’s guests with this important part of their trips.

Airbnb restaurant reservations are now available in top dining cities across America, including New York, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Miami, Charleston, Austin, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Nashville.

In the future, through their partnership with Resy, Airbnb are looking into allowing for even more dining options like exclusive tables for their users or social dining experiences where guests can share a meal and meet their fellow Airbnb travellers. In the coming months, they work with Resy to expand this offering to international destinations.

Source: Airbnb

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