Adyoulike Announce Global Programmatic Native Advertising Integration with AppNexus

Adyoulike, the leading in-feed native ad platform, announced a new strategic partnership with AppNexus, the world’s leading independent advertising technology company, that enables the real-time sale and purchase of digital advertising. The integration will enable advertisers and agencies to deliver personalised native campaigns on AppNexus’ platform.

Adyoulike’s native advertising supply side platform (SSP) will use the OpenRTB 2.3 standard to deliver in-feed native content, programmatically integrated AppNexus. The inclusion of Adyoulike to AppNexus’ Platform will open up a new network of publishers not previously available. As a result, advertisers and agencies accessing the platform will be able to advance their native reach across Adyoulike’s network, while ensuring ads are personalised and highly-targeted. For both companies, the partnership will enable them to expand their global footprint and native programmatic reach.

Francis Turner, Adyoulike’s US General Manager and Chief Revenue Officer, said: “This partnership with AppNexus is another great demonstration of how native advertising is gaining in importance and how advertisers, agencies and brand marketers can benefit from both using programmatic technology to create highly-targeted campaigns with that of in-feed native advertising to reach greater audiences and access more publishers worldwide.”

Patrick McCarthy, AppNexus’ SVP Marketplace Partnerships, said: “Adyoulike has established itself as a leader in the native advertising space, and a valuable partner to bring onto our programmatic platform. With this partnership, we look forward to further scaling native into a major marketing channel.”

Source: Adyoulike

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