A10 Networks Introduces Software Subscription Model for Consumption of Secure App

A10 Networks, a Secure Application Services company, announced A10 FlexPool, a software subscription model that provides enterprises and service providers with the ability to simplify the consumption of app services. The A10 FlexPool aggregated capacity model allows customers to flexibly allocate and re-distribute capacity across applications, multiple clouds and data centres. 

As businesses attempt to balance workloads across hybrid cloud deployments, they need a flexible software delivery model to ensure their services and applications are consistently available whenever needed. A10 solves these challenges with FlexPool, a unique capacity pooling-based consumption model that allows customers to redistribute capacity across multiple sites as their business and app needs change.

The introduction of A10 FlexPool represents a strategic step in the company’s business strategy and vision to help customers become more secure and agile as they bridge traditional and cloud application environments. A10 FlexPool allows customers to seamlessly use A10 services either on-premise or in the cloud, without service disruption, in a cost-effective, customer-friendly manner that eliminates unnecessary expenses caused by over-provisioning.

This software subscription-based capacity consumption model represents a more modern, customer-centric approach compared to perpetual, instance-based arrangements that force customers into numerous fixed capacity licences that outlive their practical lifecycles. However, A10 FlexPool allows customers to purchase licenced capacity, then allocate and redistribute that capacity across applications and infrastructures as desired. Additionally, FlexPool simplifies the operational process by limiting the administrative task of centrally managing the licence pool.

“Hybrid cloud is spurring greater innovation opportunities for IT to deliver business relevance and agility for network managers,” said Raj Jalan, CTO, A10 Networks. “Our new software subscription and capacity pooling model is designed to eliminate the traditional challenges of resource planning and portability across today’s hybrid network environments, offering greater flexibility and dynamic scalability to meet enterprise IT’s cloud environment needs well into the future.”

Whether A10 software is deployed on virtualised infrastructure, bare metal, or in the cloud, A10 FlexPool gives IT professionals and service providers the flexibility and portability across multiple application services and cloud infrastructure deployment models. With capacity pools that are sharable across on-premise, public and private cloud infrastructures, A10 FlexPool can help simplify cloud migrations, and at the same time eliminate costly over-provisioning and prevent service disruptions.

Source: A10 Networks

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