86% of UK shoppers will swap personal information for improved digital experiences, according to Episerver

Across the board, UK shoppers are coming to accept that personal information is worth swapping for improved shopping experiences, with 86% agreeing they would volunteer personal data for improved privacy, faster shipping and greater discounts and deals.

That’s according to a new consumer behavior report from Episerver, the company transforming digital experiences, which surveyed 1,000 consumers across the UK.

The study of online shoppers reveals that one in five (22%) feel more loyalty toward brands that personalise their experiences, while 29% say that personalisation increases the likelihood they will make a repeat purchase with that company.

Despite UK consumers becoming increasingly accepting of brands using their data to personalise their shopping experiences, nearly half (43%) say that brands don’t care enough about personalising their content; and for one in 10 consumers, this results in a lack of trust.

Episerver’s report also examines how brands can encourage greater sharing of personal data. By far the biggest driver is product promotions, with 27% of UK consumers saying they would trade a higher degree of personal data sharing for greater savings and bigger deals. In addition, 18% of UK shoppers said that greater transparency into the security of their data would encourage them to share more personal information, while 16% would like a better understanding of who can access their data.

“With people shopping online more often, we’re seeing they’ve come to expect personalised, seamless experiences, and they’re disappointed when those expectations aren’t met,” said Joey Moore, director of product at Episerver. “To earn customer trust and loyalty, retailers need to elevate their personalisation capabilities beyond product recommendations to display relevant content from both the brand itself and the customers, who have already bought for them, and are sharing their experience. Those retailers that achieve this level of personalised digital experiences will be the ones to succeed in the Amazon era.”

Source: Net Imperative

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