ZephyrTel launches Ultrafast Content Transfer with immediate availability for its Mobilogy Now customers

ZephyrTel, a software company dedicated to serving global telecommunications operators, is pleased to announce the release of Ultrafast Content Transfer, an enhanced feature in Mobilogy Now, the market-leading cross-platform, all-in-one mobile lifecycle management solution.

This release comes less than two months after ZephyrTel launched the new Mobilogy Now, the next generation of its established Mobilogy solution.

The launch of Ultrafast Content Transfer makes content transfer between phones even faster, with typical speeds of up to 1GB per minute. This enables mobile operators and retailers to provide in-store customers with a complete replica of their phones in minutes, shortening wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

Mobilogy Now introduces the option of software only and comes in two platform formats: Mobilogy Now Tablet and Mobilogy Now Software. Mobilogy Now offers a full suite of mobile device lifecycle services including Ultrafast Content Transfer, Diagnostics and AppLoader, with cloud-based analytics and licencing hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services). Over 10,000 phones are supported and weekly updates provide day one support for newly released models.

Ken Mawbey, VP of Product Marketing, ZephyrTel comments: “When customers upgrade their mobile in-store, they expect to transfer all of their content to their new phone and get up and running while they wait. As phone storage capacity and usage increases exponentially, speed and convenience of content transfer is key to providing a positive in-store customer experience. With Ultrafast Content Transfer, mobile operators and retailers can improve customer experience and loyalty, leading to increased revenues.”

In addition to Ultrafast Content Transfer, ZephyrTel is offering existing customers an upgrade to Mobilogy Now All-Inclusive so they can benefit from the full suite of mobile device lifecycle services to meet their in-store needs.

Source: ZephyrTel

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