YouAppi unveils major upgrades to its 360 platform

YouAppi, a leading growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands, announced robust upgrades to its highly-regarded 360 Platform, initially launched last year and now in use by nearly 500 of the world’s most prominent global brands. The 360 Platform addresses five critical needs for today’s marketers: user acquisition, brand video, rewarded video, re-engagement and social media. This strategic upgrade boosts the platform’s capabilities, including connections to programmatic demand, additional ad units, more stringent fraud prevention measures and backend enhancements.

The YouAppi 360 Platform employs powerful technical capabilities to ensure brands connect with the most relevant mobile users in their market. The newest upgrades to the 360 Platform include immediate availability to programmatic demand through YouAppi’s lightweight SDK (Software Development Kit), allowing brands to access demand via YouAppi’s strategic partnerships with top programmatic platforms. In addition, the 360 Platform offers greater fraud protection, improved brand safety with increased bot detection and prevention, as well as a new partnership with marketing analytics platform Moat to ensure brands receive greater ad viewability.

“YouAppi is a strong partner, helping us promote different kinds of apps in a very effective and efficient way,” said Xinyue Zhai, UA manager of Cheetah Mobile, YouAppi customer and creator of some of the world’s most popular apps. “The company has the traffic we need and is always able to find the right users. We look forward to incorporating these new features and our continued relationship with the YouAppi team.”

Mobile is undergoing near constant transition, as are the needs and interests of mobile users. New privacy laws across the globe highlight the necessity of creating a genuine partnership with the consumer, using data they’re comfortable sharing and doing so in the most intelligent and transparent way possible,” said Moshe Vaknin, CEO of Youappi. “This is why we’ve been laser-focused on providing the latest technological advancements and capabilities through our 360 Platform, to ensure marketers can be both agile and effective in today’s ever-changing mobile landscape.”

YouAppi’s Upgraded 360 Platform now offers:


  • New partnerships enable access to programmatic demand through lightweight SDK, allowing brands to open available inventory to the top programmatic platforms

  • Publishers can maximize fill rates with YouAppi’s direct demand

Rewarded Video

  • Expert capabilities in rewarded video, currently the most popular medium for mobile video advertisers, enabling the highest completion rates from app users and improved eCPM for publishers

Brand Video

  • Proprietary first-party data to always find the right audience

  • Access to direct premium video inventory not available on the open exchange, allowing brand advertisers to engage untapped audiences

  • Integration with leading platforms offers access to programmatic inventory for branding campaigns

Playable and Interactive Ad Units

  • Playable ads that enable an accurate representation of user experience through immersive, interactive moments within the game

  • Readily engage users through creative games like Match 3


  • Full spectrum of social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest and Google UAC

  • Creative services are included in the campaign package, including playable ads

  • Additional layer of audience capabilities included with proprietary database

  • Demonstrable success across multiple verticals, platforms and geographies


  • Audience management in real time

  • Massive reach via Real-Time Bidding (RTB), vast SDK network and social platforms

  • Lift campaigns measuring incrementality metrics

  • Dynamic creative targeting, supporting product feeds

  • Flexible pricing models: CPM/CPC for brand awareness and dynamic/CPA/ROAS for performance

  • Reporting API for advertisers

  • Full transparency

Advanced Fraud Protection

  • The ability to track viewability of all ad unit types by default viai SDK, whether Android or iOS

  • Enhanced bot detection and prevention

  • Additional integrations with third parties to ensure comprehensive tracking, analytics and brand safety measures

  • Updates to the YouAppi App Scanner which allows for continuous, automated app scanning

New Algorithm

  • Higher conversion rates and greater matching capabilities between publishers and users due to creative optimization process improvement, more advanced statistical models, improved prediction modeling and machine learning capabilities

  • New infrastructure for users/events classification

  • New user preference and behavior classifications for deeper insight and more accurate targeting

Platform Infrastructure Technology

  • Greater and more granular insights for account managers and operations

  • The ability to manage Integrations through a user-friendly portal

  • The power to upload, manage and preview creatives directly through the platform

  • Additional Integration partnerships to leverage large-scale server infrastructure, Big Data processing and real-time recommendations

  • Improved UI infrastructure with flexible and fast data connectivity

Source: YouAppi

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