What will mobile OTT advertising be like in five years?

Next year. Next year. Next year! Mobile advertising has always been about next year. Well, next year is here in mobile advertising.

In fact, there is nothing hotter in all of media than Mobile OTT Advertising. For those of you who are new to media and OTT, OTT stands for “Over the top” and consists of all the premium TV Content you can now watch on your mobile devices. Ad inventory in this environment is simply selling off the shelves like hot cakes.

So if next year is finally here now, where will Mobile OTT be in five years? Well, my opinion is, it will look a lot like the mainstream TV and Online Video Advertising we see in the industry today.

If you’re a buyer or seller in today’s video marketplace, you’re trading video ads (:15s, :30s or even the new :06 spots) on major media and video content in programs ranging from “This Is Us” on NBC to Influencer programs like Instagram’s Huda Kattan’s Beauty Blogger.

Those ads and packages scale differently based upon audience size and are priced accordingly. The basic CPM (“Cost per thousand”) will most likely prevail as the model where today, packages will range from a CPP (“Cost per point”) model on TV to a CPE (“Cost per engagement”) on Influencer programming.

The model is inconsistent now, but in five years it will streamline to a simple CPM across all screens. One CPM will run your ad across TV, laptop, iPad and iPhone and any other device you can conceive of. Mobile OTT will simply be woven into the programming you buy or sell.

With the age of consolidation in Media now underway, (see AT&T buys Time Warner, Disney buys Twentieth, etc. etc…) this five year prognosis may be coming to a home near you faster than that. It’s hard to do five year projection in Media these days when the landscape is moving as fast as it is.

But it makes for good theatre!

One thing that’s for sure though in this fast evolving Media industry is that we’ll come up with a new, fancy moniker like “Mobile OTT” by that five year mark.

What’ya got?

Article by Matt Wasserlauf, CEO and Founder, Torrential Inc.

About Matt:

Matt Wasserlauf is known as the visionary who revolutionised advertising by enticing television advertisers to invest their marketing dollars online.

In short, he is the OG of OTT. He founded Broadband Enterprises (BBE), the industry’s first online video company and co-founded the mobile video platform Torrential.

He currently works with the UK-based television production company ITN, the leading unwired broadcast network. Matt is often used as an expert resource and byline contributor in the exciting world of OTT.

Source: Torrential Inc.

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