Vodafone Ireland tells sweet family tale to highlight possibilities of the future

In Vodafone Ireland’s latest spot, the idea was to champion family firsts and how the future is brimming with possibilities. Even those which you’d never expect.

In this sweet story, we find a mum introducing her partner to her son for the first time. We then follow the three of them on a journey, as they become more and more of a family. Until finally, out of the blue, the young boy calls him ‘Dad’ for the first time.

Vodafone values family life and understands every family has their own unique make up. This is a celebration of family life and indeed family firsts, no matter what your circumstances. The story was written by Grey London and beautifully told by director Lena Beug, from the Dublin-based Red Rage Films.


Client: Vodafone
Creative Agency: Grey London
Producer: Talia Shear
Creative Team: Thomas Worthington & Greg Ormrod
Creative Director: Marc Hatfield
Editor: Jake Walsh
Production Company: Red Rage Films
Producer: Gary Moore
Director: Lena Beug

Source: Little Black Book

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