Syntonic releases new mobile services in its revenue generation platform

Syntonic, a leading mobile technologies and services provider, announced three new carrier services: the Syntonic Captive Portal for generating revenue from zero-balance customers; Syntonic Sponsored Web for enabling sponsored, data-free web access; and the Syntonic Mobile Commerce Suite for managing consumer online transactions using stored carrier credit and online wallets.

Syntonic’s award-winning software, services, and support span mobile advertising, content monetisation, and online commerce. It provides the only end-to-end revenue generation platform that enables app publishers, content providers and advertisers to engage their audience and customers throughout their entire lifecycle.

“Mobile carriers are not participating in the ‘app-economy’, which is about twice the size of the mobile data business and growing substantially faster,” said Gary Greenbaum, Syntonic CEO. “With Syntonic’s new platform services, we can now provide carriers, content providers and advertisers with full out-of-the-box solutions to generate new revenue streams from engaged mobile subscribers.”

Syntonic’s new platform services include:

  1. Syntonic Captive Portal – a complete solution that enables mobile carriers and WiFi providers to generate revenue from customers without data plans. Prone to churn, zero-balance customers present a migration risk; with the Syntonic Captive Portal, they now become a revenue opportunity for carriers. Carriers and WiFi providers can now offer ad-supported access to select mobile Internet apps, websites and content. Syntonic’s Captive Portal provides access to all advertisers through any ad network.
  2. Syntonic Sponsored Web – an innovative technology that enables carriers to zero-rate any third-party website using the standard on-phone browser and facilitates a host of new and interesting sponsorship opportunities, such as ad-supported content access. Currently, consumers who visit data-free websites often discover that some of that usage actually counts against their data plan. This “data leakage” is due to limitations in existing network-only based technology solutions. Syntonic Sponsored Web, by contrast, eliminates data leakage and provides 100 percent revenue assurance without any modifications to browsers, web sites, or the carrier network. Importantly, carriers can also quickly setup and deploy campaigns and receive real-time campaign analytics at scale with Syntonic’s platform tools.
  3. Syntonic Mobile Commerce Suite (MCS) – A set of services including direct-carrier billing and integrated wallet that enable flexible payment models such as subscription and single-item transactions and in-app purchases. The Syntonic MCS reduces financial risk for the merchant and enables consumers to quickly, securely and easily purchase through their smartphones.

Source: Syntonic

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