Sprinklr announces strategic partnership to drive customer engagement and care on Reddit

Sprinklr, a social platform for managing customer experiences at scale, announced an expanded partnership with Reddit, allowing brands to access historical and real-time Reddit data, send and receive private messages and publish to any subreddit all within Sprinklr’s platform. Global companies can now use Sprinklr to listen to what customers are saying, analyse trending topics and manage Reddit customer care directly through the Sprinklr platform.

Reddit, dubbed “the front page of the internet,” is the home to the most authentic  conversations online. It’s the 5th largest website in the US with more than 330M monthly active users, 138K active communities, and user-generated conversations. With this reach, user base and diversity of conversation, Reddit is where trends originate and spread to other social channels and the mainstream media.

Previously, brands had to engage on Reddit natively, creating a disconnected process for maintaining customer experience strategies and managing crisis response. Now, with access to Reddit via Sprinklr, brands can engage with Reddit users directly from the Sprinklr platform and access current and historical Reddit data to enable communication, inform decision-making and analyse brand sentiment.

Reddit’s integration into the Sprinklr platform includes the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive customer care and engagement: Analyse topic-specific pages for relevant and actionable insights on customer care issues. Automatically route service issues to the correct agent and send and receive private Reddit messages, images and links, all within Sprinklr. Easily participate in relevant conversation by publishing to subreddits.
  • Strategic product development: Access real time and historical data around trends, audience reactions, and key topics across the Reddit community. Reveal consumer opinions that improve decisions around product development.
  • Effective crisis communications: Listen to, monitor and analyze conversations in real time including warnings about potentially damaging messages for early response and mitigation.
  • Personalised marketing: Anticipate how audiences – including competitors’ audiences – will react to new advertising campaigns, events and marketing content.
  • Powerful collaboration at scale: Brands can now reach, engage and listen to their customers on an unmatched number of social channels – more than 25 – on Sprinklr’s unified platform.

“As home to the most diverse and authentic conversations on the internet, Reddit is a trove of consumer insights and an increasingly valuable component of any brand’s social and engagement strategy,” says Alex Riccomini, director of business development and media partnerships at Reddit. “We’re excited to partner with Sprinklr to offer their users access to business-impacting monitoring, tracking and engagement functionality for the Reddit community.”

“This integration takes a process that was previously time consuming and siloed – accessing Reddit data, sending Reddit messages and publishing to subreddits – and simplifies it so companies can centralize customer engagements across social media channels on one platform,” said Elizabeth Closmore, VP of Product Evangelism and Partnerships, Sprinklr. “We’re looking forward to supporting Reddit as it increasingly becomes an invaluable channel for brands to reach, engage and listen to their customers.”

Source: Sprinklr

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