Snapchat offers “Advanced Mode” for advertisers

Snapchat has revamped its self-service advertising tool with an “Advanced Mode” designed for larger brands looking to conduct bigger campaigns at scale.

The Advanced Mode for its Snapchat Ad Manager works in a similar way to Facebook’s Power Editor, giving brands more tools to build, manage and scale their campaigns faster and more efficiently.

Advanced Mode is rolling out to “select advertisers,” with a wider release set for later this month, and it will be open to all brands using Ad Manager at no additional cost.

Snapchat said in a blog post that the new features included in Advanced Mode are:

  • An Audience Library, enabling advertisers to create lists of their favourite audiences on the messaging app and quickly launch future campaigns using those lists.
  • The ability to easily create “hundreds of permutations” of custom audiences and ad creative in order to test them and determine which combinations bring the best results.
  • Spreadsheet templates that enable brands to quickly create new campaigns, ad sets and ads. Advertisers’ own spreadsheets can be imported, as well.
  • A media library for uploading images, videos and other assets to use in campaigns.
  • In-table pivoting and customised exports, providing more control over the analytics brands receive.

As the title suggests, the tools really are for more advanced advertisers – most smaller operators will be able to stick to the normal self-serve tools within Snap’s Ad Manager, which, in combination with their new Snap Publisher tool, enable the creation of basic Snap campaigns.

Source: Net Imperative

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