Smaato and Headway bring global in-app inventory to LATAM buyers

With rapidly-growing smartphone and mobile app usage in Latin America, the region is ripe with in-app advertising opportunities for Smaato demand partners. Latin America is the global leader in terms of app usage, with Argentina averaging the most in-app minutes per person worldwide at nearly 180 minutes per day.

As a result, the Smaato platform received more ad requests from Latin America than ever before in Q3 2017. As advertisers continue to follow consumers to mobile, Latin America has also seen some of the world’s highest mobile ad spending growth rates on the Smaato platform so far this year.

In order to provide additional demand partners in Latin America access to Smaato’s high-quality mobile inventory, we are excited to announce a partnership with Headway, a data-driven media buying company with a strong presence in the region.

“Latin America, which includes top markets such as Brazil and Argentina, is a crucial growth region for us in 2018. Our partnership with Headway allows us to continue to grow our local presence in this region and offer Headway’s clients access to premium local and global inventory,” said Glenn Fishback, CRO at Smaato.

In Latin America alone, Smaato delivers over 65 billion ad impressions to more than 130 million unique mobile users each month. Globally, Smaato reaches over one billion unique mobile users each month. By utilising Smaato’s accurate targeting tools, demand partners from within Latin and South America, as well as worldwide, can precisely target the right audience in the right place at the right time.

“At Headway, it is our mission to empower advertisers and agencies to reach the right audience, at the perfect moment. This partnership with Smaato will further enable our demand partners to do just that,” said Agustin Coll, CRO and Co-Founder of Headway.

“By providing our demand partners in Latin America access to Smaato’s premium in-app inventory, they will be able to conduct optimised campaign targeting and more efficient programmatic ad buying on a global scale.”

Smaato also offers custom inventory packages for optimised advertising campaigns. These new “always on” Open Deals allow demand partners to purchase a pre-selected package of inventory across different publishers based on their targeting goals — or they can even customise their own package with specific apps and ad spaces. Popular pre-packaged deals include High Completion Rate Video, VPAID, Premium Gaming, Shopping and more.

Source: Smaato

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