PetRescue launches dog obsessed AI via DDB Sydney to help pets get adopted across Australia

Online, pets get a lot of love. Especially on Instagram – some dogs have more than five million followers and get a million likes every day, while rescue dogs struggle to get attention and, most importantly, find a new owner.

Knowing that people who follow these dogs online are most likely to adopt if they find a pet of their favourite breed available for adoption, DDB Sydney together with PetRescue have combined data and machine learning to create a solution. They are calling it PetMe.

PetMe is an AI capable of identifying dog breeds, temperament, size and coat, and matching those qualities to over 9,000 available rescue dogs across Australia.

This is how it works – post any dog image using #petme. The AI will recognise the breed and auto-comment back to everyone offering a dog of exact or similar qualities up for adoption.

Many influencers have already joined the cause, and PetRescue is inviting everyone to help out by posting as well.

Source: Campaign Brief

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