NinthDecimal Launches Industry’s First Website-to-Store Attribution Solution

NinthDecimal, a leading marketing platform powered by location data, announced it has expanded its offline attribution platform, Location Conversion Index (LCI), to measure website effectiveness.

As the industry’s first website-to-store attribution offering, the new Website LCI helps marketers further connect their digital assets to offline sales, and provides retailers with a better understanding of the interplay between their e-commerce and in-store initiatives.

Website Effectiveness Revealed 

NinthDecimal partnered with Ansira, one of the largest independently owned digital, CRM, and channel marketing agencies in the country, to further test this new website-to-store attribution solution. Findings from the first implementations, which span Ansira clients across QSR, auto, and retail verticals, revealed:

  • Mobile generated a higher incremental lift in store visits than tablet and desktop
  • Paid search traffic drove the highest website-to-store conversion rates (1.7x greater than direct site traffic)
  • Direct site traffic drove the highest lift in incremental store visits

“Website LCI’s insights highlight the importance for brands to build a successful plan in order to reach and convert omni-channel shoppers who are visiting their website,” said Jim Badum, Executive Vice President of Client Partnership at Ansira. “It is a prodigious opportunity for brands using their web presence to increase foot traffic to their physical locations.”

NinthDecimal’s Website LCI delivers comprehensive behavioural insights on the growing number of omni-channel shoppers who browse online, then make an in-store purchase. Forrester Research estimates that ‘webrooming’ (i.e., online research to in-store purchase) will reach $1.8 trillion in sales this year, magnifying the need for marketing solutions that help brands understand, and capitalise on, omni-channel behaviour.

Closing the Gap Between In-Store Sales and Online Assets 

By implementing Website LCI as an always-on measurement tool, brands can identify how different web properties, product categories, audience segments, and offers perform. With this data, retailers can optimise their digital and website strategies to also increase website-to-store conversion rates. As an extension of Website LCI, marketers can target audience segments based on website visitation for campaign activation.

“Understanding omni-channel shopping behaviour has become critical to success for marketers,” said David Staas, president of NinthDecimal. “However, brands have limited visibility into this aspect of their consumers and how they shop. Using Website LCI to fill this blind spot gives them the insights they need to build holistic marketing strategies based on real-world KPIs.”

Source: NinthDecimal

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