New ‘hyperlocal’ ad format targets people near posters

netacuityGlobal advertising technology firm Crimtan is working with Digital Element to offer clients new ‘hyperlocal’ ad tech that helps target specific users on the move.

Crimtan is using Digital Element’s NetAcuity Pulse Plus solution to develop campaigns for clients such as outdoor ad company Primesight, allowing them to deliver digital ads to consumers in the vicinity of outdoor poster placements.

Crimtan’s advertising platform uses unique data, audience profiling, targeting, and optimisation to offer digital marketing services to advertisers that significantly enhance campaign performance.

By combining reverse geocoding with insights derived from mobile traffic and internet infrastructure analysis, the upgrade to NetAcuity Pulse Plus increases global targeting granularity, reach, accuracy, and targeting ability at a postcode level for Crimtan’s mobile and connected traffic.

Codewise-Beefs-Up-Targeting-and-Analytics-with-Digital-Element’s-IP-Geolocation-TechThe deployment of the new solution has allowed Crimtan to develop groundbreaking campaigns. For outdoor advertising company Primesight, the new data helps clients who run poster campaigns in selected postcodes around the UK deliver their customer’s digital ads to mobiles, tablets, and PCs in the precise locations where the posters are displayed.

Additionally, the inclusion of NetAcuity Pulse Plus’s more granular postcode and latitude / longitude information allows Crimtan to more accurately target ads in all regions, including those without postcodes such as the Middle East, and enables the optimisation of location throughout the campaign.

As a result, Crimtan is able to shift ad delivery to locations that are performing better, improving efficiency and boosting ROI.

“Geolocation is a key factor of our ad targeting solution and it is vital we use the most accurate location information on offer to enhance our clients’ campaigns,” explained Rob Webster, chief product officer, Crimtan. “It is fantastic that Digital Element is continuously updating its technology to provide more accurate and far-reaching data, helping us to stay a step ahead of our competitors in providing a valuable service to our customers.”

Source: Net Imperative

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