Natterbox relegates phone anxiety to the past with Mindful AI

Natterbox, a leading provider of global voice cloud services, has announced the addition of a new Mindful AI capability designed to address and soothe the frayed nerves of customers dealing with stressful phone calls whilst using its telephony platform. 

The new Mindful AI service can detect when a customer starts to get angry or stressed, automatically pausing the call to play a mindful mantra or meditation exercise.

The aim of this new addition is to take the heat out of difficult conversations and avoid further frustration or potential confrontation with customer agents.

And, with only 14% of customers willing to spend more than 10 minutes on hold and 36% of callers hanging up within three minutes of waiting (source: Sussex Innovation Centre, on behalf of Natterbox), the risk of conversations taking a wrong turn can easily be heightened, making the new Mindful AI capability necessary in an age when customers expect the best service, immediately.

Neil Burgess, CTO at Natterbox, says “This new AI capability speaks to a generation who are increasingly aware of the importance of mindfulness and meditation in managing stress and anxiety. Customers today have high expectations when they interact with companies to resolve issues such as cancelling a subscription, changing a delivery date or simply trying to understand why your internet isn’t working.  And with so many options to choose from and recorded messages asking us to ‘continue holding’, customers can get frustrated easily. Our new Mindful AI facility addresses this worry head-on by offering customers an opportunity to relax and take part in a quick meditation exercise before they come back to the call. This not only improves their own experience, but also that of the call agent as the new capability shelters them from angry customers.”

The Mindful AI solution can be fully integrated into the Natterbox platform and will be available for new and existing customers during April 2019.

Source: Natterbox

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