McDonald’s and OMD UK Team with London Tube Map to Curb Commuter Cravings

A new Night Tube map has been launched to help hungry Londoners on the hunt for a midnight McDonald’s.

The fast food giant and OMD UK teamed up with app developer Bappz to create an interactive map that guides travellers to their closest open restaurant.

“We’re particularly excited about this unique and innovative campaign. It’s the first time McDonald’s has partnered with the London Tube Map and has been a long time in the making. We hope it brings a little bit of joy to Londoners travelling around in the early hours of the morning in need of a pit stop,” said Rebecca Burke, executive business director at OMD UK.

The app clearly marks open and 24-hour McDonald’s restaurants within a three minute walk of each station with a glowing “M”, so users can map out their easiest route to a Big Mac. The app uses GPS technology determine which station the user is closest to and relate to the custom-built map.

“London Tube Map talks directly to the customer at a time when he or she has actively sought assistance navigating the greatest metro system on the planet. Adding a non-intrusive, additional service to late night Londoners and early starters is a great use of embedded technology, making the complex look easy and further enabling our popular locally designed app to remain free and ahead of the curve with the needs of real commuters in the capital,” said London-born Bappz founder, Paul Myers.

Source: FAB News

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