M&C Saatchi Mobile evolve to M&C Saatchi Performance

M&C Saatchi Mobile have officially announced they are repositioning. The company will now be known globally as M&C Saatchi Performance.

M&C Saatchi Performance is a natural evolution for the agency. M&C Saatchi Mobile launched in 2006, prior to the smartphone revolution, where they were at the forefront of the rise in mobile, winning more than twenty agency and campaign awards. The evolution to M&C Saatchi Performance reflects a shift in the demands of both clients and consumers across the globe, which has been driven by hyper-connectivity.

Hyper-connectivity is dramatically affecting human behaviour, revolutionising the way people work, shop, travel and engage with friends and family. Within two years, there will be 31 billion internet-connected devices on the planet for a global population of 7.8bn (Ericsson 2018).

M&C Saatchi Performance delivers performance marketing services to help brands grow in the hyperconnected age. Their scientific analysis of data, along with behavioural insights and expert understanding of performance marketing, enables them to precisely target audiences and deliver the right message, at the right time, on the right device.

James Hilton, Global CEO of M&C Saatchi Performance, says: “M&C Saatchi Performance is a logical move for the business and more accurately reflects what we’ve been doing for the last 12 years. Hyperconnectivity has impacted how brands connect with audiences in the digital landscape, moving from device-specific to device-agnostic, which has driven the need for us to adapt and evolve. We are excited to build on our mobile legacy and provide best-in-class performance marketing services to deliver business growth for our clients.”

Moray MacLennan, M&C Saatchi Worldwide CEO, commented: “M&C Saatchi Mobile have played a significant part in the M&C Saatchi Group. Their understanding and analysis of consumer data has put them at the forefront of the industry, revolutionising the way audiences are targeted through digital advertising. M&C Saatchi Performance is perfectly positioned to drive measurable growth for brands and we are thrilled for James and the team to start the next phase of the journey.”

Source: M&C Saatchi Performance

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