Lyft opens its ride-booking Concierge service to all businesses

Lyft has finally opened up Concierge to businesses and organizations of all sizes. The program allows members to hail rides for other people, giving companies a way to offer that extra touch of service to customers, especially those who can’t call for a ride themselves due to one thing or another. Concierge launched in 2016 when Lyft teamed up with the National Medtrans Network in New York City — the perfect place to start, since most residents don’t have cars — to take patients to the doctor.

After a while, Lyft forged partnerships with more companies, including JetBlue, CareMore and GoGoGrandparent. JetBlue, for instance, can call a Lyft to offer their passengers or crew a seamless journey, while GoGoGrandparent can hail a ride for the seniors who call their number on a landline. Rotor Zen, a San Diego-based helicopter tour operator, also uses the service to get guests from hotels and to drive them back after their tour.

Now, Concierge is open to any company, so long as they sign up for a Lyft Business account and add a payment method. They can hail almost any type of Lyft ride for employees and clients alike. It’s worth taking note, however, that the companies will be able to track passengers’ journeys in real time. That’s ideal for businesses like GoGoGrandparent, so they can track their elderly customers. But those who don’t appreciate being watched by their employers might want to call a ride on their own and just ask for reimbursement.

Source: Engadget

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