LiveRamp now available to Publishers

LiveRamp​, an Acxiom​​ company and leading provider of omnichannel identity resolution, announced the availability of LiveRamp’s platform to publishers. This solution allows publishers to better monetise their audiences by supporting brands’ people-based marketing initiatives. In turn, marketers benefit from the ability to expand people-based targeting beyond Google and Facebook and provide consumers with a more consistent experience across channels.

LiveRamp provides publishers with a people-based monetisation platform to tap into the growing budgets marketers allocate to this medium. The platform resolves digital and CRM data to a privacy-compliant consumer identifier leveraged by hundreds of brands and technology platforms. Publishers will be able to monetise their data directly by developing custom audience segments to expand their advertisers’ reach as well as create custom audience uploaders on their properties to help advertisers target offline segments.

Over 200 publishers are using LiveRamp’s identity resolution capabilities internationally, now unified with those acquired in the 2016 acquisitions of Arbor and Circulate.

“With LiveRamp, our marketing partners are able to leverage their understanding of our audience while engaging with them in our brand safe environment,” said Adam Harris, VP of Data Products, Hearst Magazines Digital Media .”

“With the advent of people-based marketing, context and premium content are not always sufficient to attract media spend,” said Ari Jacoby, former CEO of Circulate and now general manager of LiveRamp’s international business. “The LiveRamp platform changes that dynamic, enabling any publisher to allow marketers to deterministically target their customers and prospects. And as a result, context and content can once again differentiate a publisher’s offering.”       

For their part, marketers using LiveRamp benefit from the ability to use publisher data to create an omnichannel view of the consumer, and activate that understanding in marketing programs across digital and offline channels.

In addition to improving their ability to attract media spend, the LiveRamp platform also allows publishers to:

  • Make the data available to all players in the marketing ecosystem via a Provide turn-key mechanism
  • Create more personalised experiences with a publisher’s brand, boosting their ability to attract and retain subscribers.”

“We’re excited to mark the completion of the Arbor and Circulate integrations with the launch of LiveRamp for Publishers,” said Richard Foster, GM of UK business. “In total, this has allowed us to create a robust monetisation platform for publishers​, while increasing the value we deliver to marketers through improved identity resolution across platforms and devices. That is the key to the LiveRamp platform, allowing everyone in the ecosystem to collaborate and grow their business while improving the consumer experience.”

 Source: LiveRamp

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