Jongla unveil social messaging SDK with a fully-hosted cloud service

Jongla, the Finnish mobile messaging innovator, announced that they will start offering their messaging technology for other companies and app developers. Known earlier for their world’s lightest messenger, Jongla, that gained popularity in emerging markets, the company now offers their latest innovations as a light messaging SDK and fully-hosted cloud service for Android and iOS.

“Chat is king – instant messaging has become the dominant form of person-to-person communication in the twenty-first century and mobile users expect an effortless, real-time user experience,” says Riku Salminen, CEO of Jongla.

Consumers now spend most of their time online on mobile social networking and messaging apps. This has lately led most companies in the mobile business to consider adding messaging as part of their service.

“App developers also face challenges with user retention and well built messaging features can improve that a lot,” Salminen continues.

The Jongla team built their own messaging protocol to make the solution consume as little data as possible.

“By offering a light SDK and smart messaging protocol that consumes very little data, we make sure that our prices are competitive and any company can benefit from adding our messaging solution to their app,” Salminen explains. “Many of the entertainment, health & fitness and sports communities we target have users in emerging markets and we continue to care about the user experience of those users. Data cost and mobile network stability are real issues for these people.”

In addition to data saving, the new Delivered solution is about social discovery features and group messaging at massive scale.

“We want to help companies build communities based on attributes like interests, events and location. With Delivered, they can build their own social network inside their app,” says Salminen. “Users no longer have to leave those apps to socialise on instant messaging apps or social networks.”

Jongla’s first customer is PicMix, an Indonesian photo sharing app.

“We have more than 30M users worldwide sharing photos, collages and videos. We use Delivered to turn our app into an active sharing community. Messaging opens up a new world for our users as it allows deeper interaction around their brilliant content,” says Calvin Kizana, CEO and founder of PT Inovidea Magna Global, the company behind PicMix.

Jongla’s business model is a subscription-based fully-hosted cloud service and SDK. They are actively working with pilot customers and continuing to develop their service further.

Source: Jongla

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