Jägermeister Unveil First Digital Expression of their New Creative Direction

Premiering a new creative direction, Mast-Jägermeister SE has launched its global and US website at Jagermeister.com. The new experience features Bauhaus-inspired typography; a rich green, amber and gold palette; and footage expressing the energy of the legendary herbal liqueur.

The new Jägermeister creative direction celebrates the tension between the German precision that goes into crafting each bottle, and the daring nightlife that it inspires.

The alcohol brand challenges people to master the rules like a pro, so they can break them like an artist. The site’s content taps into this irreverent spirit, unlocking the mystery and uncompromising quality of one of the world’s most beloved shot drinks.

Jagermeister.com invites visitors to explore the rich heritage and uncover the artistry of its creation. It encourages the discovery of drink recipes that unlock Jägermeister’s bold and distinctive taste, and learn more about the brand’s past and present – the journey from the birthplace of every bottle in Wolfenbüttel to the vibrant Berlin-inspired nightlife.

A fully responsive mobile-first website with a flexible architecture makes it easy to create and publish content across platforms, ensuring optimal performance.

The site was developed in collaboration with AKQA. From footage of party-goers to the new drinks photography, the experience was made in Germany by AKQA’s Berlin studio.

Head of Global Digital Marketing at Mast-Jägermeister SE Felix Jahnen said: “With our new site we use our past to take Jägermeister into the future. Our new visual identity is a celebration of our German heritage and brings the Jägermeister story to a new generation of trendsetters and rule-breakers.”

Project lead at Mast-Jägermeister SE, Global Digital Marketing Manager Francesca Lange adds: “Our new mobile-first Jägermeister experience emphasises the innovative and powerful aspects of the brand, always reinventing itself without changing its inner core. The combination of zeitgeist and tradition is what defines us and what users can experience on our new digital entity.”

Source: AKQA

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