IronSource launches ad engagement intelligence tool for mobile apps

IronSource is providing better analytics for ad mediation.

Above: IronSource is providing better analytics for ad mediation.

Image Credit: IronSource

IronSource is launching a new ad engagement tool to provide developers with better analytics for their mobile apps and games.

The tool for IronSource’s ad mediation platform provides developers with unique user data and placement performance to further maximize in-app experiences and revenue. Demand for mobile ad inventory, particularly in-app, has skyrocketed. Research firm eMarketer estimates advertisers will spend over $100 billion in mobile ads this year, accounting for over half of the global digital advertising market.

Ad mediation is a technology that figures out which ad to show a mobile user. It has to sort through details — such as the type of user and location across different types of ad networks — and deliver the ad in real time.

IronSource is now incorporating user-level analytics, advanced frequency capping, and delivery pacing tools in its ad placement technology. Developers will now have the ability to see in-depth user-level ad engagement and make optimal placement and pacing customizations to improve engagement and retention.

Developers can understand and manage where, when, and how often their users are engaging with in-app ads. That allows developer to optimize an ad for both engagement and user experience.

“IronSource’s new Unique User Analytics allows developers to understand their audiences in a way they could not before. It provides insightful ad engagement and revenue data across all integrated apps and users to help properly identify which ad sources and placements are performing the best,” said Adam Ben-David, vice president of supply side platform at IronSource.

IronSource has beefed up its tools for ad mediation analytics.

Above: IronSource has beefed up its tools for ad mediation analytics.

Image Credit: IronSource

The division between ad network performance data and user-level indicators makes it difficult for developers to discern between advertising and in-app purchase revenue performance. The new user-level key performance indicators from IronSource — for the first time — translate ad monetization metrics into engagement KPI’s that developers can understand and align with their overall business, giving them a clear and digestible data set to optimize engagement and user retention for both revenue streams.

These metrics will provide key data, such as revenue per active user, revenue per engaged user, impressions per engaged user, and engagement rate.

IronSource’s ad mediation platform is used by some of the world’s largest publishers, including EA, GSN, Zynga, Big Fish, Crossy Road, Dots, and Kongregate.

“We’re committed to continuously providing developers with the most innovative and effective tools for their app businesses, and allowing app developers to leverage more data is a huge part of that,” said Gil Shoham, chief revenue officer of IronSource. “The best, most sustainable monetization strategy takes user experience and engagement into account. Without those insights, developers are leaving money, and more importantly, users, on the table.”

IronSource was founded in 2010 and merged with Supersonic in 2015. It reaches more than 800 million unique users a month, and the company has offices in Tel Aviv, London, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Bangalore, and Seoul.

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