Gravy Analytics and Cross Pixel Team to Connect Online Shopping with Offline Store Visits

Real-world location intelligence company Gravy Analytics and performance marketing data provider Cross Pixel announced their collaboration in creating powerful, new consumer audiences for use in digital advertising campaigns. These audiences address the evolving need for marketers to understand consumer shopping behaviour, whether online or offline. The new in-market audiences blend Cross Pixel’s online shopping and researching data with Gravy’s offline consumer behavioural data to better predict purchase intent.

Deterministic data about where people go online and in the physical world is combined to identify consumers in the market for homes, electronics, apparel, jewellery and more. For example, ‘Home Buyers seeking a House’ combines data from consumers observed on real estate websites with those observed at open houses. Similarly, ‘Car Shoppers’ reaches consumers seen at both auto-related websites and auto dealerships. Other audiences are designed to reach holiday shoppers, including ‘Electronics Buyers Holiday Shoppers’, ‘Luxury Lifestyle Holiday Shoppers’ and ‘In-Market Family Fun Holiday Shoppers’.

For marketers, this comprehensive understanding of consumer shopping behaviour is more important than ever before. GfK’s recent study, “FutureBuy 2017: US Market Findings Highlights”, found a steady shift to omnichannel shopping occurring across product categories. Two-thirds of survey respondents report omnichannel shopping for toys. And, a recent Market Track survey found that three-quarters of Internet users planned to check prices online before buying in-store this holiday season.

“By combining Cross Pixel’s web searching and browsing activity with Gravy’s information about what consumers do in real life, we gain a truer picture of intent,” said Anurag Mehta, General Manager of Audience Data Solutions at Gravy Analytics. “These new audiences reflect the buying habits of U.S. consumers today. Together, we’re enabling advertisers to effectively reach shoppers who research products online, then purchase in the retail store – and vice versa.”

Cross Pixel’s data platform is powered by its relationships with more than 5,500 web sites that enable the company to identify and harvest more than 8 billion shopping and researching behaviours. Cross Pixel audiences may contain brand, competitor or category terms, can be set to a recency of 1 to 30 days, are continually optimised, and refreshed daily. Gravy Analytics processes billions of daily mobile location signals from over 250 million mobile devices to create its real-world consumer intelligence. The company then uses its location-derived consumer insights to build its innovative audiences, insights and data products.

“It’s essential for today’s marketers to connect online and offline consumer behaviour,” said Jeffrey Weitman, President & COO, Cross Pixel. “We are thrilled to be working with Gravy Analytics to incorporate our leading online intent data with offline behavioural data. The combination of these data sets gives marketers the opportunity to efficiently target consumers and leads to superior campaign results for agencies and brands.”

Released in conjunction with LiveRamp’s Data Innovators program, Gravy and Cross Pixel audiences are available exclusively through the LiveRamp Data Store. Advertisers can browse all available audiences in the Data Store at Innovators > Gravy & Cross Pixel.

Source: Gravy Analytics

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