Google evolves AMP with visually rich multimedia stories

Google is advancing its Accelerated Mobile Pages to the next level with the release of an all new story format optimized to enable publishers to build and share content rich in visuals, video and animation.

A far cry from the predominantly text-based content such as news and recipes associated with AMP in its earlier incarnation, the new format is more readily comparable to similar moves by the likes of Instagram and Snapchat to create visually rich experiences.

A variety of media partners have been quick top sign-up for Google’s latest open source project with the likes of CNN, Mashable and the Washington Post all getting their foot in the door early.

Speaking to Tech Crunch, Google’s product manager for the AMP project Rudy Galfi explained: “It’s a mobile-focused format for creating visually rich stories. It swings the doors open to create visually interesting stories.”

As yet the new format exists as a preview only whilst developers scramble to get their heads around the new format, with no tools yet available to build AMP stories. In time however it is intended to make AMP stories available on Google search.

Last year Google enabled the sharing of publisher links via AMP for the first time.

Source: The Drum

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