Firstly Mobile brings frictionless content to Telecom companies

Mobile Posse, the technology innovator that turns telecom companies into mobile media leaders, announced the release of Firstly Mobile.

Firstly Mobile, the company’s latest next-gen content discovery platform, creates a smarter smartphone experience for consumers, a safer brand experience for advertisers and a bigger revenue opportunity for carriers and OEMs.

Firstly Mobile consists of the Firstly Mobile Platform for carriers and OEMs and Firstly Mobile Media, a collection of premium properties for media buyers.

The Firstly Mobile platform creates native device experiences that make the smartphone better. Now, your phone conveniently brings you the content you love when transitioning between mobile activities — such as when you open a new browser tab to start a new search, swipe to find recent apps or at times when you unlock your phone to fill idle moments.

The Firstly Mobile Platform drives greater consumer engagement and boosts advertising revenues for carriers and OEMs through three solutions:

  • firstAPP – A time-saving unlock agent that decides when to change the first app a user sees after unlocking their phone into a personalised content experience
  • firstPLACE – A Minus One destination that’s the first place to look to find something interesting
  • firstPAGE – A personalised web portal experience that adds curated stories to the first page seen when launching the browser

Firstly Mobile Media offers a trusted and proven source for effective media buys for advertisers through premium mobile websites and apps, which are operated in partnership with major U.S. mobile carriers, creating a brand-safe environment for consumers, advertisers and publishers alike.

“Recent movements by major telecom players prove the future is now for carriers and OEMs to make a real entry into the mobile content and advertising game,” said Mobile Posse CEO Jon Jackson. “Firstly Mobile is our next-gen content discovery solution for better smartphone experiences. It demonstrates our commitment to helping carriers and OEMs move fast, delight subscribers and change the mobile content game.”

Consumers want quality content delivered easily. Mobile Posse is creating a better smartphone with more meaningful experiences for consumers, publishers and advertisers – ensuring carriers and OEMs can use their device clout to deliver these better mobile experiences.

Mobile Posse was recently named one of the fastest-growing private companies in America by Inc. 5000 on the heels of accomplishing several notable milestones:

  • Launching its third new telecom partner this year
  • Topping six million daily active users (DAU) and 40 million monthly active users (MAU)
  • Topping three billion monthly page views

The company also tripled the size of its office space when it moved into its new headquarters earlier this summer.

Source: Mobile Posse

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