Facebook Launches Messenger Gaming Experience

facebook-messenger-games-1Facebook has launched a HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience on Messenger and the news feed, for both mobile and web.

The experience allows Facebook users to discover, share and play games without having to install new apps. Games include classic titles such as Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Galaga and Track & Field 100M.

“We are excited to work with Facebook to feature two of our classic IPs, Pac-Man and Galaga on the new Instant Games platform,” said a spokesperson for Bandai Namco Entertainment, one of Facebook’s launch partners. “To give the opportunity for our global fans to access these classic titles on mobile and web, we are working with Facebook to allow users to play Instant Games on Messenger and Facebook News Feed, both of which have significant reach around the world.”

To start playing, users must download the latest version of the Facebook app, open a conversation with a friend (or friends), tap on the newly added game controller icon and choose a game. People within the chat will see your score once you finish a round. Games can also be discovered in the Messenger search field or on the Facebook news feed – where users can play solo or challenge friends back on Messenger.

The gaming service will launch in 30 countries simultaneously, and may be expanded to new markets in the future if it proves a success. Facebook also hope to roll out more games to their 1bn monthly Messenger users over time.

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine

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