Criteo Joins the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program

Criteo, the advertising platform for the open Internet, announced it has joined the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program to deliver Criteo’s scalable solutions to high-growth, high-volume retailers and merchants. Merchants of all sizes are able to take advantage of Criteo’s expansive global reach to target users across all channels and devices, and quickly scale their businesses.

“Criteo’s participation in the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program enables merchants to seamlessly benefit from Criteo’s performance based marketing strategies,” said Len Ostroff, Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Criteo. “We’re confident that this will help Shopify’s merchants around the globe maximise sales and grow their businesses by re-engaging shoppers throughout the entire path to purchase.”

Merchants who are currently working with Shopify are able to explore engaging with Criteo as a certified technology partner for resources that complement and enhance their eCommerce strategy. While retailers often struggle to deploy new advertising technologies due to IT bandwidth, Criteo and Shopify are enabling commerce-oriented entrepreneurship by allowing them to easily work with Criteo without having to develop new or add pressure to existing internal IT resources.

“Brands of all sizes are shifting from wholesale to online sales, so these rapidly growing businesses need additional resources to compete alongside the industry giants,” said John Shea, Vice President, Mid- Market, Criteo. “Being in the program empowers these retailers to successfully scale their business with technology that fosters commerce-oriented entrepreneurship.”

“As we’ve made changes to our site, Criteo and Shopify Plus make it super easy to update the tags so our retargeting doesn’t pause and keeps driving significant results,” said Kristin Gelches, Director, e-Commerce and Digital Marketing, La Colombe.

“We’ve tested other retargeting solutions in the past, but chose Criteo for the superior results,” said Pallavi Goel, Director of Digital Marketing, 2Modern. “Criteo and Shopify Plus have made it easy to grow our campaign; we’re now running dynamic retargeting as well as a re-engagement campaign using Criteo’s technology and the tags we have on our Shopify Plus site.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Criteo to the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program,” said Jamie Sutton, Head of Technology Partnerships, Shopify Plus. “This program recognises the best-in-class solutions that, together with Shopify Plus, further enables the rapid growth and innovation possibilities of today’s modern merchant. Bringing Criteo on board recognises the important role this technology plays in ensuring customer engagement and driving growth in eCommerce businesses.”

Shopify Plus’ platform makes it easier for merchants to rapidly deploy and test partner technologies. Participating in the technology partner program reduces the technical heavy lifting and creates a seamless test environment for retailers looking to explore retargeting opportunities.

Source: Criteo

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