betconnect builds world’s first social betting platform

betconnect, the world’s first social betting platform, announced it has built a game-changing new platform which aims to level the gambling playing field for millions of punters.

Due to launch in early 2019, betconnect is the first notable application of disruptive technology in the gambling sector since Betfair in 2000.

For many years, professional gamblers have found their accounts closed or restricted by bookmakers due to their ability to identify value and win. betconnect connects these people with a network of regular punters in a shared betting experience.

Professionals can create and submit bets into the betconnect platform on all major sports and betting markets, using the very best real-time odds. The bets are then intelligently distributed to a network of punters who are prepared to match the bet in exchange for the tip received in the process.

Enabling this is a hugely complicated technical challenge: betconnect needed to create – from scratch – a highly secure and smart social network capable of scaling to millions of real-time transactions.

betconnect took advice on the necessary architecture from leading Silicon Valley experts and then hired British software engineering firm JUXT, which used open source technology to develop the platform.

In 12 months JUXT built – on time and on budget – a technology platform that provides a highly personalised and seamless experience for both punters and pros. JUXT drew on its experience of working for major brands across the financial services, property and media sectors, including Credit Suisse, Citibank, OnTheMarket and Mail Online.

Mark Weaver, betconnect’s co-founder said, “We’re inventing a new, fairer way for millions of people to place bets. We’ve harnessing the technical brainpower behind some of Silicon Valley’s biggest success stories and one of the UK’s most respected software engineering companies. We’re delighted with the end result and can’t wait to get the platform live and begin levelling the betting playing field.”

Malcolm Sparks, Technical Director at JUXT, said, “The technical challenge involved here should not be underestimated. Together with betconnect, we’ve created something unique that has the potential to transform the betting experience for millions of punters. It’s been a pleasure to work on such an ambitious, sophisticated and challenging project. We’re proud to have done this in a way in which all of the complexity is hidden from the end user.”

Source: betconnect

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