APAC mobile shoppers use the platform more frequently – but are less satisfied with it

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)  released an in-depth survey of 3,800 mobile users in 19 countries around the world, including Asian countries such as Singapore, China, and Japan.

Announced during the IAB MIXX Conference, the survey revealed that Asia Pacific (APAC) consumers take the lead in frequent mobile purchases.

Globally, nearly a quarter of mobile users make a weekly purchase on mobile. But in APAC alone, the number rises to nearly a third, with China boasting a 47 per cent weekly purchase rate.

However, there are some concerns that mobile e-commerce businesses need to pay attention to.

“While mobile purchasers are high in APAC, poor buying experiences have dampened initial enthusiasm … sellers in the region need to consider the consumer’s journey from the first click to post-purchase to ensure customers are delighted and come back for more,” said Regina Goh, IAB Mobile Committee Chair and Managing Director, Asia, Blis, in a press statement.

APAC consumers are also less responsive to mobile ads, with 28 per cent of respondents have not interacted with mobile ads in the last six months. The number is the highest across all regions.

Check out this infographic by IAB to get the bigger picture of the situation. You can also download the report here.

Image Credit: 123RF Stock Photo

Source: E27

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