Aktuellmix helped Samsung gain the edge during Rio 2016 with Samsung Arena

To launch the Samsung S7 during the Rio Olympic Games, Samsung brought the Olympic spirit to its stores and developed a special stand to display its products. In addition, it was a chance for the public to receive posters of images that had been photographed using the smartphone as gifts.

This action was created by Aktuellmix, and was a great success. During the Olympic Games, more than 1 million people were impacted in 20 stores in Rio and São Paulo. In addition, the public commented on and shared the initiative on social media.


Title: Samsung Arena
Client: Samsung Eletronics
Agency: Aktuellmix
Partners: Rodrigo Rivellino (CEO), Celio Ashcar Jr.
Creative Director: Filipe Chiminazzo, Fabio Moran
Creative Managing: Priscilla Grabert
Product Design Managing: Juliano Bertolin
Art Director: Priscilla Grabert
Copywriter: Diana Kurpjuweit
Product Design: Juliano Bertolin, Gustavo Visconti, Luiz Fernando Haddad
Strategic Planning: Beto Marques
Business VP: Mario Medina
Account Director: Marcela Oliveira, Patricia Segatto
Account Manager: Roberta Freitas
Executive Production: Rodrigo Merigue, Fernanda Emerick
Print Production: Amanda Xavier
Film: Zeste Films
Audio: Ritmika

Source: Aktuellmix

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