AerServ Launches DataServ to Supplement Mobile Advertising Revenues

AerServ, the leading ad management technology and SSP for mobile publishers and advertisers, announced the launch of DataServ, a new data as a service product that will connect CRM and offline data to mobile data and offer an additional revenue stream for mobile publishers. DataServ will give mobile publishers the ability to generate revenue beyond the ad impressions on their mobile sites and applications by safely and anonymously delivering data that advertising, research, behavioural, analytics and marketing companies can use to identify new and existing audiences across devices.

According to eMarketer, by some measures mobile is more common than TV with mobile devices in the hands of 95 percent of the U.S. population. As publishers and marketers continue to hone their mobile advertising and marketing strategies, the biggest challenge is understanding the connection between offline and online, in particular mobile, and DataServ solves this in a privacy friendly way. AerServ’s launch of DataServ is the next logical step in delivering targeted ads to audiences across devices, and empowering marketers to identify and reach their intended audiences in app environments.

“Mobile publishers are now in a unique position. Beyond creating great mobile content, they’re building valuable mobile audiences which marketers and even companies outside of advertising are eager to reach,” said Josh Speyer, CEO AerServ. “Today, most publishers are only being compensated for the actual ad placement, not the valuable user data. We’ve worked hard to develop DataServ to enable that additional revenue stream for publishers with data that already exists in many cases.”

In many cases, first-party data that is invaluable for marketers and advertisers’ targeting is already being passed in ad requests. Utilizing DataServ, publishers will work with AerServ to upload and deliver additional audience data (email addresses, Device Ids, etc.) beyond ad impressions.

The upload and matching of records will be custom for each publisher and will tie a digital user to an email address or some other non-mobile identifiable user data point so that advertisers can direct media spend towards those users on specific devices. For new apps that have no desire to show advertising, this product allows them to take advantage of the deep data infrastructure and platform AerServ has built to begin to connect their audiences to create their own value or on behalf of companies willing to pay for that insight.

With DataServ, publishers can upload data through a simple and secure system, and then receive an additional revenue stream beyond delivering ad impressions when a user is no longer on their actual mobile site or app.

Source: AerServ

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