Adfluence Harnesses the Power of Influencer Marketing for a Successful Swarovski Campaign

Adfluence, an influencer marketing platform, recently joined hands with Swarovski, world-renowned producer of premium jewelry and accessories, to plan and strategize unique and engaging influencer marketing campaigns for the brand. 

Adfluence started with brand’s campaign for the Indian festival Rakhshabandhan. Swarovski planned to launch their new collection for Rakshabandhan to celebrate the bond between siblings.

The aim of the campaign was to go beyond the traditional practice of only brothers protecting their sisters but also promote a relationship in which sisters were also seen as protectors. Through this campaign, they wanted to spread the message of love and care between siblings in a genuine manner.

In doing so, the company wanted to be known as a brand that sold not just beautiful jewelry but emotions. Adfluence was roped in to actualise this campaign with influencers.

Adfluence helped Swarovski find fourteen influencers from the Entertainment and Lifestyle niche who created 19 posts and 16 stories that were shared on social media and garnered 5.7Mn+ impressions. The campaign saw an engagement rate of 18.99% and the campaign posts were ‘saved’ by more than 9,500 users.

When asked what the secret was behind this success was, Amev Burman, Co-Founder, Adfluence, said: “We worked with influencers that were primarily from the Entertainment and Lifestyle space. Content quality and type were key in the selection process. Although it is imperative to create a comprehensive brief, it’s also crucial to let the creators express their creativity. What worked very well with the audience was the Emotional Quotient in the pictures that promoted the concept of celebrating the bond between all siblings. This strategy resulted in a very impressive engagement rate of 19%.”

The success of this campaign shows that influencer marketing has immense potential to engage the audience and build brand loyalty.

Source: Adfluence

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