AdColony launches $5 million advanced monetisation program for publishers

AdColony, the mobile performance marketplace, announced the launch of a $5 million Advanced Monetisation Program (AMP) — a tailored set of incentives designed to encourage publishers to adopt the latest in-app monetisation technologies through the advanced technology of AdColony’s SDK.

AdColony believes so strongly in its product that in an effort to distribute the fund to developers, they are offering publishers in the AdColony marketplace 100 percent revenue share for 90 days, a 15 percent user acquisition credit, and up to 10 percent bonus on first position waterfall deals to those who participate.

“We are thrilled to announce the Advanced Monetisation Program to help publishers both earn and grow with AdColony,” said Vikas Gulati, AdColony’s head of performance. “Video ad monetisation for mobile app developers has made huge leaps in the past few years and we believe strongly that there are still many developers who need to take advantage of it. AMP is designed to support game developers with both monetisation and user acquisition efforts, helping them take the leap with the most technologically advanced monetisation solution on the market.”

AdColony not only has the technology to enable best-in-class mobile ad creative but is also integrated with advanced bidding solutions from Google, Fyber, MoPub and others that enable publishers to maximise revenue on a real-time, impression by impression basis.

“GSN Games has proudly partnered with AdColony for the past five years,” said Brian Truman, Executive Director, Head of Digital Ad Monetisation at GSN Games. “We continue this relationship because AdColony provides the highest level of support and the best quality ad experience for our players. Ad monetisation is complex and always changing and we’ve seen time and time again that AdColony is committed to being a strategic, forward-thinking technology partner that continues to overcome industry shifts and hurdles.”

By combining its solution offerings with personalised account management teams, AdColony is able to constantly optimise supply and demand to maximise publisher results. Other SDKs in the marketplace fail to take advantage of the latest in-demand sources due to their lack of access to current or optimised mobile inventory.

“When it comes to monetisation, publishers like us look for ad networks that are easy to integrate and manage, while at the same time provide competitive fill rates and revenue figures,” said Nader Tfaili, Chief Business Officer of Numbase, publisher of the popular trivia app, Play & Win. “AdColony is a perfect fit for such criteria. Working with AdColony’s account managers and support team, we were able to smoothly operate and monetise our app and continuously optimise performance, helping us grow.”

Publishers with no prior relationship with AdColony as well as those who have worked with AdColony in the past are invited to participate in the Advanced Monetisation Program.

The launch of AdColony’s program creates more money for publishers to monetise their apps and the best opportunity for developers to break even on their app development.

Source: AdColony

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